This page contains answers to some of the most common questions about framemycellpix.com's Print and Frame. If you have other questions or need more information please email us.

File Types

We support image files up to 40 megabytes in size and in the all of the most common file formats. The file extensions we support are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff and .gif. Most digital cameras take JPEG images and this is the format we recommend. If your image file contains an ICC profile, that information will be used when printing to ensure accurate colors.

Pixels Per Inch

An image file is made up of thousands of tiny dots of color arranged in a grid, called pixels. The resolution of an image is just a count of the number of pixels that make up its width and height. Pixels Per Inch (or PPI) is a measure of the number of these dots in one inch. Generally a higher PPI gives a more accurate image.

If the PPI is too low, you may notice distortion, blockiness, smearing, blurriness or other artifacts in the printed image. We will not print images with a PPI below 60. Increasing the PPI above 300 does not typically result in a noticeable increase in quality, but it will increase the file size.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of an image is the ratio of width to height. We always preserve the aspect ratio when printing. Most digital cameras use a 4:3 aspect ratio and their images need to be cropped in order to print at standard sizes like 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10. Our online photo editor makes it easy to select and crop at standard sizes, or using any custom size.


We print all customer photos on Photographic Archival Glossy and Matte paper. Both are standard paper types for regular photo prints.

Photographic Archival Glossy

Premium Archival Glossy paper offers the highest gloss level of any resin coated photographic paper. Producing vivid life-like images that rival those of traditional silver halide prints, the ultra-glossy finish, coupled with a 10 mil thickness and extremely wide color gamut, make this paper a favorite for great digital photo prints.

Photographic Archival Matte

For customers seeking a flat matte surface for their digital photo prints, Photographic Archival Matte is the ideal choice. This bright, white paper is perfect for images that do not require gloss. It yields highly saturated images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail. This paper is 10mil thick and is available only where specifically indicated.

Printing Service Agreement

By agreeing to our "Printing Service Agreement" you are hereby acknowledging that you agree to and understand the following:

  • The image you have uploaded is your own image and is not a duplicate or copy of someone else's work or under copyright protection.
  • framemycellpix.com is not responsible for replacing or refunding orders for any defect in printing that is a direct result of the uploaded image quality.
  • Uploaded images that fail to meet the required minimum of 60PPI on each vertical and horizontal axis will not be considered for refunds or reprinting.