Our Story

Some years ago, I started the tradition of taking my family’s elders, two aunts, an uncle and my mother, out to dinner at least once a year. After our first dinner, I captured the moment by taking a picture of them with my cell phone. The pic was beautiful. Unlike the 300+ other pix languishing on my cell phone, I knew right away I wanted to have this one printed and framed to treasure the moment long after it had passed.

So, I began the process of getting the pic framed and what followed was an absolute pain! I had to save the pic from my cell phone onto my home computer (mind you, online photo printing wasn't a thing yet). I, then, had to get the pic off my computer onto a mobile drive. I took the mobile drive to a local photo printing center to have it printed. I, then, went from store to store shopping for just the right frame. After a week, I found a great frame, but needed a border to properly fit my pic into the frame. I, then, had to go to my local craft store to purchase the right border. Got it all home, assembled it all and roughly three weeks later had my beautifully framed pic on my fireplace mantel. A pain!

But out of that pain, framemycellpix.com was born. 

Now, in nearly the amount of time it takes to capture a pic on your cell phone, you can upload that digital photo, choose one of our many stylish frames and framemycellpix.com will print, frame and ship your captured moment to you in 3-5 days to treasure for years to come.

I once heard someone say that once a moment passes it becomes a memory, and when the memory remains, it becomes treasure. I am certain this is true of the pic I took of my family so many years ago, and I’m sure the same is true for all of your beautiful pix.

We thank you for sharing your moments, memories, treasures with us. Let's put a frame on it!

Jenny H

Jenny H.

Founder & CEO